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zvdict is a dictionary for Viet Namese. It is written in GTK2 and uses webdict databases from The Free Vietnamese Dictionary Project

The project is currently in its alpha stage and still under development. In the future, however, it should support the following features:

  • Many dictionaries can be opened at once on a tab-based intuitive interface
  • Cross-referencing
  • Support for systray protocol -- in distant future... :p
  • Flexible and well-polished ;) GTK2 interface
  • You tell me :)

we're still alive!
development stage (alpha version) is now at 0.0.8, new shot available, check it out

several things
  • A ChangeLog is finally made and will (hopefully) be kept updated from now on. You can check it out here to see what's going on.
  • A beta should be released soon but there is no guanrantee yet.
  • There's a new shot available ;)

The website is now up and running :)